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Transboundary Aquifers of the World map

The GGIS provides access to the online versions of the Transboundary Aquifers of the World Map. The TBA map 2015, the most recent edition of the map, is based on the most recent results of an inventory of many projects carried out around the world. It contains information on the occurrence and extent of transboundary aquifers.

Global Groundwater Monitoring Network (GGMN)

The Global Groundwater Monitoring Network (GGMN) is a participative, web-based network of networks, set up to improve quality and accessibility of groundwater monitoring information and subsequently our knowledge on the state of groundwater resources. GGMN is a UNESCO programme, implemented by IGRAC and supported by many global and regional partners.

MAR Portal

The MAR Portal contains the Global MAR Inventory, an inventory of over 1200 sites where Managed Aquifer Recharge is or has been implemented. The Global MAR Inventory includes information on site name, MAR type, year of scheme deployment, the source of infiltration water, the final use of abstracted water, as well as the main objectives of the project. The data shown in this portal have been made available by INOWAS (TU Dresden, Germany and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) and the DEMEAU project (European Union FP7 project consortium). More information on the Global MAR Inventory project and its partners can be found or in the following publication: Stefan C. & Ansems N. (2017) Web-based global inventory of managed aquifer recharge applications. Sustain. Water Resour. Manag. https://doi.org/10.1007/s40899-017-0212-6.

The Global MAR Inventory can be downloaded here

If you want to contribute to the Global MAR Inventory, please use the submission form https://www.un-igrac.org/global-mar-inventory-site-submission-form

The MAR Portal also contains a selection of regional MAR suitability maps, showing where MAR could be implemented.

Senegalo-Mauritanian Aquifer Basin (SMAB) / Bassin Aquifère Sénégalo-Mauritanien (BASM)

This map viewer contains data and information layers on the Senegalo-Mauritanian Aquifer System. It contains thematic maps on groundwater and groundwater related themes. The viewer is designed to provide information to a wide group of stakeholders, like groundwater users and those engaged in the management of groundwater resources in the region.The data are provided by various organisations. References are given in the metadata and should be used for citation. Some data can be downloaded in Excel or in Shapefile format. Other data can be accessible or requested directly from the data provider.For technical support, contact IGRAC at info@un-igrac.org.

Ce portail contient des données et de l'information concernant le Bassin Aquifère Sénégalo-Mauritanien. Il contient des cartes thématiques relatives aux eaux souterraines. Le portail est conçu pour informer un large groupe de parternaires, parmi lesquels les utilisateurs des eaux souterraines et les organisations en charge de la gestion des ressources en eau.Les données sont fournies par diverses organisations. Les références sont inclues dans les métadonnées. Il est conseillé de les utiliser pour toute citation. Certaines données peuvent être téléchargées en format Excel ou Shapefile. Les autres données peuvent être téléchargées ou demandées auprès de l'organisation qui les a fournies.Pour toute question technique, contactez l'IGRAC: info@un-igrac.org.


Dinaric Karst (DIKTAS Project)

This DIKTAS Information Management System (IMS) is a viewer that contains the results from the DIKTAS project. The viewer contains thematic maps on groundwater and groundwater related themes. The viewer is designed to provide information to a wide group of stakeholders, like groundwater users and those engaged in the management of the groundwater resources in the region.

Transboundary Aquifers (TWAP Project)

Recognizing the value of transboundary water systems and the fact that many of them continue to be degraded and managed in fragmented ways, the Global Environment Facility Transboundary Water Assessment Programme (GEF TWAP) was developed. The Programme aims to provide a baseline assessment that identifies and evaluates changes in these water systems caused by human activities and natural processes, and the consequences such have on dependant human populations. The project is the first truly global comparative assessment for transboundary aquifers, lakes, rivers and large marine ecosystems, as well as a thematic evaluation of the open ocean, through institutional partnerships that hope to seed future global assessments. The project results are envisioned to assist the GEF and other international organizations in setting priorities for supporting the conservation of transboundary water systems. More information on TWAP including final reports can be found on www.geftwap.org

This portal gives access to the map based results from the Groundwater component of the Transboundary Waters Assessment Programme. The data shown in this portal have been made available by national experts from countries involved in the TWAP Groundwater project. It also includes the results from scenario analyses using the global WaterGAP model (University of Frankfurt, Germany) and a study on groundwater systems of small island developing states, also called SIDS (Simon Frasier University, Canada). More information on TWAP Groundwater, including reports on methodology and outcomes, can be found on www.twap.isarm.org

Small Island Developing States (TWAP)

The SIDS viewer provides groundwater related information on Small Island Developing States. At present the system contains mainly information derived from the Transboundary Waters Assessment Program (TWAP) on 43 SIDS. The data include indicators describing the hydrogeological, environmental, socio-economic and governance dimensions of the SIDS groundwater systems.

Global Country Data

The Global Overview (GO) provides a general review of the groundwater conditions per country. It contains a set of aggregated groundwater-related attributes for each country and enables comparison of groundwater characteristics between countries and identification of global patterns.

Groundwater Resources in Africa

This map viewer contains data and information on groundwater resources in Africa. It contains contributions from the Quantitative maps of groundwater resources in Africa (https://www2.bgs.ac.uk/groundwater/international/africanGroundwater/maps.html) and the Africa Groundwater Atlas Country Hydrogeology Maps (https://www2.bgs.ac.uk/africaGroundwaterAtlas/downloadGIS.html). This viewer aims at a wide group of stakeholders, in particular those engaged in the management of groundwater resources in the continent. Alongside other initiatives like the Africa Grey Literature Archive (https://www2.bgs.ac.uk/africagroundwateratlas/archive.cfm) or the Africa Groundwater Atlas (http://earthwise.bgs.ac.uk/index.php/Africa_Groundwater_Atlas_Home), it contributes to the integration of groundwater resources in regional policy-making and planning in Africa. 

Groundwater Quality

Global groundwater quality maps on probability and occurrence.

Groundwater Stress

Global groundwater stress maps, based on GRACE data, global inventories and research.

G3P v1.5 data

The G3P portal provides the monthly G3P groundwater product at 0.5 degree resolution and as area-average values for selected aquifers worldwide. Please visit www.g3p.eu for more information about the project.