The sharing of well and monitoring data also supports several levels of permissions, but slightly differently than for layers, documents and map layers. Here, it is managed at the organisation level. In order to upload well and monitoring data, users need to be affiliated to an organisation registered in the GGIS. Each organization has one Admin who determines which users are affiliated. When affiliating users to his organisation, the Admin can give them a Viewer role (they can view and download the data of the organisation) or Editor role (they can also upload and edit data of the organisation). If you wish to use the GGIS for sharing well and monitoring data and your organisation is not yet registered, contact the administrator:


User roles in the Well and Monitoring Database

Admins can manage their organisation(s) by clicking on Organisation, after clicking on their user name in the top right of the screen.


Managing user roles within an organisation

Data providers determine which other organisations can view the data, and possibly download the data. If made public, the data are visible and downloadable to all users.