Accessing and downloading well and monitoring data

Well and monitoring data can be accessed in the dedicated section under Data. Data appear on a map and in a table. Each row in the table corresponds to a data point (containing well data and/or monitoring data). When selecting a data point in the table, you have the possibility to zoom in on the map by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol on the left. All table columns can be sorted by alphabetic order.

Well and monitoring data.GIF

Well and Monitoring Data section

In addition, the following tools are available:

- Advanced Search. You can query the set of data points based on various filters.

- Zoom to page extent.

- Download grid data. You can download the table of data points in Excel, ESRI Shapefile or several other formats.

- Hide/show columns. You can select which columns appear in the table.

- Sync map with filter. This is to update the data points displayed on the map based on the filters.

- Download. You can download the complete set of well and monitoring data in Excel. Note that you need to be logged in and to have the appropriate permission to download the data.

Well and monitoring data_controls.GIF

Well and Monitoring Data tools

When clicking on a data point in the map, an side panel opens showing a selection of attributes and a small chart showing groundwater level monitoring data (if any). All well and monitoring data and visualization tools associated to the data point can be accessed by clicking on Full Data Record (also in the table).

Well and monitoring data_attribute box.GIF

Well and Monitoring Data attributes box

Well and monitoring data are sorted in subcategories (General Information, Drilling and Construction, Hydrogeology, etc.). Note that only a few fields are mandatory. The data provider might not have filled in all the fields available.

Well and monitoring data_data record.GIF

Well and Monitoring Data record