Map viewers

The GGIS also supports the creation and the sharing of map viewers. Map viewers are a compilation of map layers. Map layers are sorted in the right panel where they can be selected to be viewed.

The management of map layers is explained in the user manual of GeoNode, including:

- Creating map viewers

- Assigning map viewer permissions

- Filling in map viewer metadata

Some outstanding map viewers can be accessed directly from the home page, in view-only mode. They cannot be edited. If you want to edit these map viewers and have been granted the permission to do so, you need to access them from the Map Viewers section. Map viewers available in the home page also have a meaningful URL name instead of the number assigned per default in GeoNode. For example, the TBA map viewer can be accessed in view-only mode at or in edit mode at

tba viewer.GIF

TBA map viewer

Map viewers can be embedded in external websites. If you are interested to publish map viewers in your website, follow the instructions provided in GeoNode’s user manual. And let us know!