Map layers

Map layers are raster or vector spatial data, which are usually handled in GIS applications. Common formats – also supported in the GGIS – are the ESRI shapefile and GeoTIFF. They can be found under Data, Map Layers. A set of filters is available on the left to help you find relevant layers easily.

Map layers.jpg

Inventory of map layers

The management of map layers is explained in the user manual of GeoNode, including:

- Uploading layers

- Uploading and editing layer styles

- Assigning layer permissions

- Filling in layer metadata

Filling in metadata is particularly important, because they will inform other users on what your data represent, how it was created how they can be properly used. They will also help other users to find your data easily using the filters. It is necessary to give your data a proper title and abstract, and specify the coverage of your data under region. If possible, tag your data to an existing group and specify the license under which your data can be used. Note that keywords can be assigned by the administrators only, in order to guarantee some consistency in the website.

Note that the upload of layers exceeding 100 MB might not succeed. If you want to upload larger layers, contact the administrator: